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Focal Point Styling

Full Event Design

Think: Backdrop, Balloons/Blooms!


Our focal points are fashioned to be the eye catching element of the entire party and reflect our clients' vision and desires, as well as our unique take on whatever theme is selected.


This service is the perfect option for a planner who has an overall vision, but doesn't mind passing on creative control and execution for the main area to us. This would also be perfect for a smaller scale event that doesn't require full styling or planning.


No matter what, we ensure your WOW moment!

Think: Entire Party Design!


Our full event design service entails everything from conceptualizing your dream celebration to ensuring that your day is as beautiful as designed.


We help with honing your ideas and theme, to sourcing those perfect little details! It all comes together when we create a memorable, well branded event with that perfect focal area, stunning luxe balloon display, and that 'insta-worthy' tablescape!

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